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• compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
• different selectivity than HALO C18
• retains polar molecules more than classic C18 phases

HALO® AQ-C18 is an alternative C18-phase with 90Å pores. Prepared using a proprietary procedure, phase polarity is increased and a compatibility with 100% aqueous mobiles phases and high stability is achieved, even when ph-values are low or the temperature is elevated. This results in a higher retention of polar molecules.

In contrast to standard C18-phases, the HALO® AQ-C18 column has a different selectivity and high retention, allowing to resolve difficult peak pairs.

pdf: "Discover the new HALO® AQ-C18

The HALO® AQ-C18 columns are ideal for the analysis of polar substances such as nucleobases, urea derivatives and many others.

HALO® 160Å Phenyl-Hexyl

• alternative selectivity compared to HALO ES-18 and HALO ES-CN phases

The HALO® 160Å Phenyl-Hexyl columns extend the choice of columns for the analysis of peptides and tryptic-digests.

The new HALO® 160Å Phenyl-Hexyl offers an alternative selectivity to HALO® 160Å ES-C18 as well as HALO® 160Å ES-CN and is especially suited for the analysis of peptides, proteins, natural substances and others.

pdf: "See your Peptides in a new light"

Vials for TOC & VOC and Trace Analysis

Drinking water as well as water for the production of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry are subject to stringent quality standards. For both drinking water and pharmaceutical water exist binding quality guidelines.

We supply the vials and bottles for your TOC/VOC and trace analysis.

TOC Vials
VOC Vials
Vials for water & trace analysis

Did you know that we have our own controlled zone at infochroma ag where we wash, sterilise and depyrogenise vials and bottles to customer specifications?

Controlled zone

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